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The Neightborhood Destruction Genre

I went to my friend Leigh's 30th birthday party last Saturday night. With two of her friends who also had nearby birthdays, she rented out the bottom floor of a bar on the lower east side, held open bar for the first two hours, and provided a kick-ass old-timey Dixieland band for entertainment. A really good time all around. It would have been better if it weren't so crowded and we could have danced to the great music, but...

One of the birthday friends is a guy Leigh's known for years, someone named Lockhart Steele. I'll say it again: Lockhart Steele. I was a bit apprehensive to meet him, assuming he would be a lock-jawed upper-crust Connecticut as his name sounds. But he turns out to be a normal, down-to-earth, nice guy. Who would have guessed.

And then today Gawker links to his blog: The Neighborhood Destruction Genre

(It's just a little "Ooh, I very vaguely know a guy who has a passing mention on a popular website!" excitement for the afternoon... There are worse ways to spend the afternoon, I guess.)
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